How to create citations

CiteMaker is your "best in class referencing" website for formatting academic citations and reference lists.

1. Select style on the above menu – APA, Harvard, MLA, or Oxford.
2. Select source category – books, periodicals, websites, etc.
3. Select source type - enter text into form fields.
4. Watch your citation preview to save or export.

CiteMaker automatically punctuates your citations – saving you hours of time when completing an assignment.

You can generate citations for free on CiteMaker anytime that you are online. You can also register to save and export your citation lists for free 30 days.

CiteMaker offers competitive subscriptions for all learning institutions to provide you free access. Ask your librarian today.

Want accurate referencing citations? Want a free citation maker? Already tried (easy bib), (bibme), (cite this for me), (citation machine), and refme? is a free online software citation maker for PC, iPad iOS, and Android tablets that formats citations, bibliographies, reference lists, and in-text citations in APA, Harvard, MLA7, MLA8 and Oxford footnote styles for student assignments and term papers. CiteMaker APA citation maker. CiteMaker Harvard citation maker. CiteMaker MLA citation maker. Oxford footnotes citation maker.

Automatically cite web pages directly from your browser

CiteMaker's chrome extension automatically cites web pages. Visit the google web store now.

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