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Welcome to CiteMaker! This site is designed to help you quickly prepare an entire bibliography or reference list in three simple steps:

1. Select your citation style by clicking one of the buttons above.

2. Automatically or manually create your citations after selecting a citation style.

3. Save or export your reference list to your paper. It’s that easy!

Whether you’re beginning your research or tidying up your paper the night before it’s due, CiteMaker is here for you - anywhere, anytime, online!

Our forms and automatic citation generation tools will guide you through the process and alert you of what information is needed. This means less guessing for you and more accurate citations! Nearly any information source you can think of is supported by CiteMaker, in APA, Chicago, Harvard, MLA and Oxford styles. As you create citations, each will appear in alphabetical order. In-text citations are also created for you.

When you’ve finished your reference list, copy and paste it into your paper or export it to email, MS Word, Google Docs, or PDF. If you register to use CiteMaker, you will be able to save as many reference lists as you want and retrieve them when required.

How do I create a citation in Harvard Australian style?

In Harvard referencing style, also known as the 'Author-Date' style, citations are included in the text of your work and a reference list is provided at the end of your document.
Here's how you can format a reference in Harvard Australian style:
Book: Author's Surname, Initials. (Year of Publication). Title of Book. Place of Publication: Publisher.
Example: Smith, J. (2017). Understanding the World. Melbourne: Oxford University Press.
Journal Article: Author's Surname, Initials. (Year of Publication). "Title of Article". Title of Journal volume number (issue number), page numbers.
Example: Brown, T. (2018). "The Impact of Climate Change". Environmental Science, 12(5), 56-62.
Website: Author's Surname, Initials. (Year of Publication or last update). "Title of Web Page". Name of Website. URL. (Date of access).
Example: Johnson, L. (2022). "The Future of Renewable Energy".
Energy Solutions. (Accessed February 1, 2023).
Note: The specifics of referencing style can vary between institutions, it's best to check with your instructor or supervisor which version of Harvard referencing is preferred.

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© MasterGraphics Pty Ltd 2009-2024 All Rights Reserved. citation maker is the most accurate free Harvard Australian AGPS style online citation machine and bibliography generator with pre-formatted citation forms for creating automatic citations and manual references and footnotes. CiteMaker Harvard AGPS is the free alternative to easybib, bibme, refme, citaton machine, cite this for me, citethisforme, citefast, citationsy, and refme, Includes OCLC WorldCat, google scholar, and Bibtex automatic citation machine for creating Harvard Australian AGPS style bibliographies, Harvard Australian AGPS style reference lists, and in-text citations for student assignments and term papers. CiteMaker's CiteWeb chrome extension for automatically creating citations is available from the google store