Welcome to CiteMaker.com the website that drives our very popular citation maker WriteCite.com.

CiteMaker is the best in class solution for formatting and managing student citation lists.

This site is intended for school, college, and university libraries seeking to offer their students a customised online citation maker / citation manager for citing assignment sources where and when they find them.

If you are a student and you want to create a citation list you can go to our online citation machine, WriteCite.com, or create a quick citation on the right hand panel of this page

If you are a librarian or educator please read on.

Using CiteMaker, your students can format citation lists and in-text citations, look up sources on the world's largest library database, WorldCat, export their citations, or save to CiteMaker's database for later retrieval. To see how CiteMaker works you can sample the the single panel version on the right hand side of this page or trial the full page layout at WriteCite.com.

CiteMaker can be matched to the layout of your library webpage, including LibGuides and Moodle, and can incorporate your library's referencing manual and bespoke instruction guide in SlideShare format.

To configure your own CiteMaker layout click the "Design" button below or click the "Contact" button if you have a question or require further information.